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Let Us Fly For You!

Galaxy offers tailored, comprehensive UAS solutions for all industries, using our high flexibility in payload and software integration and professional flight certification and experience. Partner with us for unmanned vehicles, certified remote pilots, and specialized ground support from our versatile team! With decades of professional flight experience, Galaxy is uniquely positioned not only to accommodate software and/or hardware payloads on our many systems, but to safely operate your personal system as well.


Our operational systems, all of which have autopilot, software and hardware integration capabilities, span:

  • Unmanned Airship: Ideal for extended duration, heavy-lift tasks, and low environmental impact.

  • Multicopter: Various sizes for diverse operational needs.

  • Fixed Wing UAS: Varous sizes for diverse operational needs.

  • Unmanned Boat (USV): Ensures reliable water surface operations with high adaptability.

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