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About Us

Our Mission

Galaxy Unmanned Systems specializes in solutions to your project needs utilizing unmanned aircraft, including drones (fixed-wing & multi-copters) and lighter than air (LTA) vehicles (free-flying airships & tethered aerostats).  Our experience includes the full range of possible support: design, simulation, , documentation. innovative unmanned systems applications, including concept, design, manufacturing, certification, testing, payload configuration, sub-system integration, documentation, training, operations, manufacture and pilot training.

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A History in Development and Innovation

With decades of unmanned systems development under our belts, GUS has refined and improved our airship designs to accommodate a wide range of industry applications. Our vast and varied experience operating civilian and military UASs provide Galaxy the tools necessary to accomplish any project relating to unmanned systems.

We can take ideas from “back-of-the-napkin” conceptual design to final implementation in various fields of operation in a relatively short period of time. We offer practical UAS solutions for both military and civilian organizations alike. Our piloting and construction techniques have been tried and tested with great success in a variety of demanding situations.

Meet The Team

Jason White
Chief Executive Officer

Tony White
Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Smith
President of Galaxy Production Group

Patrick Egan
Chief Partnership Officer

Michelle Pearson
Senior Lead, Business Closure/Collaboration

U. Cem Kaya, PHD
Flight Control Systems Engineer

Quinn Sukhia
Project Manager

Jesse White
Administrative Assistant

John White
Operations Support Specialist

Sam Corlett
Shop Technician

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